Alexa features make your life better

Alexa is more and more famous in the world! And more and more devices are working with Alexa. Hence I am here to share what Alexa features that make your life easier.

Alexa features make your life easier

What Alexa can do?

Have you got Amazon Echo devices in your home? How you can use Alexa in your daily life? Just turning on and off your lights? Turning on your TV and changing the channels? If you do so, I recommend you discover more features that Alexa can make your lifer easier and better!

If you do not have any Alexa devices, I recommand you to get an Amazon Echo Dot which is a entry level Alexa device. After you get the first Alexa device, this personal assistant will help you do anythings!

1. Alexa is your personal assistant

Alexa can answer you any questions and provide you any information which you want to know. You can ask what is the time, the date and the schedule, set alarm and timer to remind you to do something, ask her about the traffic and weather. I think it is the basic things what Alexa can do.

Alexa, …..

1. what time is it?

2. Set alarm at 7:00 A.M. tomorrow.

3. Wake me up at 7:00 A.M. tomorrow.

4. Wake me up 2 hours later.

The setup will be introduced on other post later.

1. Create a new shopping list.

2. Add beer to my shopping list.

3. Add do laundry to my to-do list.

4. What’s on my to-do list.

2. Communication

Sometime you cannot reach someone in your home. For me, I always cannot reach my wife when she is busy with my son and do somethings without her phone, so I always use the communication skill from Alexa. With Alexa, you can leave messages to your Echo devices in your home, drop in a call and make an announcement.

You can make a message through Alexa to your contact list or other Echo devices in your home. You can type the message on Alexa APP or by your voice.

“Alexa, send a message to Clara.”

Then, Alexa will ask you what message you want to send. Then, the message will send to the recipient and yellow indicator light flashing. To check the message, you can say…

“Alexa, play the message.” 

How to use Drop-in from your smartphone:

1. Set up Drop in for any devices you want to call.

2. Tap the “Communicate” icon in the Alexa app.

When you announce your message through Alexa, the Echo devices will play your message with your voice and your family will hear a short chime on their nearest speaker followed by your message.

“Alexa, announce [your message]”

e.g. “Alexa, announce Clara check you phone please.”

Or your can make announcement from your smartphone.

1. Tap the “Communicate” icon in the Alexa app

2. Press “Announce”

3. Type your message or record your voice. 

3. Play music

You can play songs on your Echo devices with Amazon Music unlimited subscription. Amazon Music unlimited gets 50 million songs – including all the latest and greatest artists and albums, as well as thousands of playlists and stations.

If you are urging in a better sound, you can play music on Echo Studio which is a premium grade in Echo family or you can also play song’s on some Alexa built-in speakers, like Sonos One.

Alexa, Play Linkin’ Park on All speakers

Alexa, Play Maroon 5 on Duncan’s Echo Plus.

4. Control your smart home devices

Off course, more and more devices are working with Alexa, like many brands of smart lights, thermostatssmart TV box and e.t.c. 


Turn on bedroom’s light

Turn on movie scene.

Set living room to 10%.


Set Air conditioner temperature to 24 degree.

Increase/ decrease bedroom’s temperature.

What is the temperature here?

For example, if you have the Fire TV Cube which has a built-in infrared blaster, you can control the TV directly.

E.g. Alexa,

TV Volume up/ down.

Turn the TV on/ off.

Switch to HDMI one.

Search for sci-fi movie on Netflix.

5. Routines

Alexa routines let you automatically make something happen at curtain time at particular day, upon a voice command or any one here.

For example, when you ready to sleep, you can set up the routine to turn off all lights. When you say goodnight to Alexa, the routine will play and the lights go off.

Another example, you can let Alexa trigger a routine based on your location. When you get home, Alexa will turn on the lights, set the temperature and Alexa will say Welcome to you.


I really like Alexa to be my home’s assistant, she is powerful and help me a lot when I am busy and cannot free my hands. There are still a lot of commands and hidden features on the list, you can keep discover and you will find it is really funny and Alexa features make your life easier. I will talk more Alexa features on specific usage.

If you still do not have an Echo device, you can buy an Echo Dot to try and try more different types of smart home devices. Your home become a smart home gradually.

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